The Exhibition

Hi again,

Recently, we have just finished and experienced ‘The Exhibition’. The exhibition is an area of learning where we deeply cover an aspect or two of what happens in our world. Our main central idea was ‘Peace and conflict affect our world’. Before starting researching, we had to write down our preferences of what we wanted to research about. With the help of some teachers, year 6 were able to come up with many topics that we could look into. Some of which, inner peace, domestic violence, refugees, war, medical technology and animal cruelty, only naming a few.

We got told our groups from our preferences of what we were interested in. I was put into the domestic violence group with two other people. We were well under way with creating our own groups central idea and line of inquiry. Our group together had to research these 3 lines of inquiry in detail.

Through the exhibition we had to come up with an action we were going to take, geography piece work we going to do and what to do for our interactive task. We performed two action tasks. One was creating a video to show what domestic violence is and another was collecting and donating toiletries and raising money for the ‘Beauty Bank’. We also had two interactive tasks that we got people to interact with on our exhibition presentation evening and morning. One of them was write what you think love is. We got so many responses, we literally didn’t have enough space on our A3 poster.

Another interactive game was the suitcase game. If you were to leave home what items would you take with you? This was our question the interacted with other parents and students. We had 16 options to choose from and we asked people to put what items they would take. Then we would ask them to take 2 away and then 1 and until they get down to 3 items and this is when we knew what the 3 main items people would bring. The 2 most popular items people would bring (any age) was their phone and money.

The Exhibition was great experience and I learnt so much more than I intended to learn.



Year 7 Orientation!

Hi guys,

Many of us walked into school excited to see our friends since the holidays,while others stood there alone. I walked into school with Abby by my side as we had caught the train together. We were nervous and excited for the two days ahead of us. There were more than a hundred of us at the year 7 orientation, which is a lot of girls.

The first thing we did was die with tests all the way through to lunch, it was horrible. Luckily, after lunch which was sausage rolls and party pies with Zooper Doopers as a dessert. I met new people at lunch as well as sat with some my (old) friends.

After lunch we did some activities that we would experience in year 7. Monday through to Tuesday we participated in drama, visual arts, science, food technology and sport. We also listened to many talks of which one of them is what high school is like. I loved what was for offer on all the camps,I especially love the year 11 one as you get thrown off a thirty metre cliff. How fun!

It was so fun experiencing all of these activities and meeting new friends. We are all so excited for high school and can’t wait for everything.


Novel Studies- The Ruby Talisman

Hi Again,

For the past three weeks Year 6 has been reading novels based on the government. I am reading The Ruby Talisman, which you may have read too. One of the key points highlighted in this book, is the French Revolution. Below is a small blurb on what has happened in the novel so far. (This is in my own words)

‘After all that has happened with Tilly, her father leaving and having no friends, Tilly has been annoying her family a lot. Her mother has had enough of this so decides to send Tilly away to her aunty while her mother has a rest over the weekend.

While Tilly is away with her aunty Kara, she discovers some amazing information about her ancestor Amelie-Mathilde due to a homework assignment. That night, after all her research, Tilly falls asleep dreaming about Amelie-Mathilde.

The next night Tilly falls asleep not only dreaming, but has travelled back in time to Amelie-Mathilde century. After a few days of Tilly being with Amelie, the French Revolution starts and Tilly is trying to force Amelie- Mathilde to run away, otherwise she will get killed. The next morning, Amelie and Tilly wake up finding nothing in the house and when Amelie rings the bell for a servant, no-one comes. Then they realise they must leave and ride all the way to Amelie’s cousins house for safety.

After leaving Amelie’s grand home,they hear a noise in the bushes. What was it? They are freaked out, so they stay still. Suddenly, two men on horses come riding out of the bushes with pistols in their hands. The men try to kill Amelie and Tilly but just miss them by centimetres. Amelie soon starts whipping one of them with her horse whip and Tilly charges toward the other man and tries to stab him in the heart with a sword. This doesn’t work so Amelie and Tilly gallop for a long time until they know they are safe and pretty close to Henri, Amelie’s cousin. They finally arrive at his house and are escorted by a servant to the dining room to have dinner.’

This is where I have read up to.  At this point of the book the story is getting very interesting as I don’t know what is going to happen next.  I’m very excited to read on.


Passion Project; Reflection Post

Hello fellow readers,

On top of the Passion Project presenting phrase, we were also tasked to write a reflection on our Passion Project, what did we enjoy, what did we learn from the experience etc. Here is my reflection.

What did you most enjoy about the experience?

I enjoyed every single second of this Passion Project, the building phase, and even the mathematics for my duvet cover. I also loved seeing everyone else’s Passion Projects on the presentation day.

What did you learn most from the experience?

What I learnt most was not to give up, as two of my DIY’s kept breaking apart and we kept having to glue them together again.

What would you do differently if you did it again?

I could have done the photo frame DIY differently, as it doesn’t really add any value to my bedroom and keeps on falling apart. Whereas, the other two DIY’s are very useful and I am enjoying using them both on a daily basis.

Which Passion Projects did you find inspiring/impressive and why?

I thought one of the Passion Projects about giving ‘Square Bear’ kits for children to make in hospital was truly inspiring. This is because if I was in hospital I would love something to do instead of just laying in my bed or watching TV. Another Passion Project that I found impressive was a house model made out of straw to improve houses in Ethiopia. I thought that all the Passion Project’s were awesome but these two stood out to me the most.

Below is a picture of my display.

My Passion Project Display

Passion Project; Week 7- Final post!!!

Hi again readers!,

I am really excited that I finished my DIY’s and duvet cover in the nick of time and I’m super happy how they turned out, especially as I can’t wait to add them to my room.


  • Time management
  • Glueing the jars and frames together, as they kept coming apart
  • Doing the maths in the sewing experience
  • Trying to find the right type of material for my duvet cover


  • Sewing the duvet cover
  • Creating all the DIY’s
  • Writing to you guys
  • Getting all the equipment I needed, which was good
  • And luckily finishing on time


  • When the jars and frames kept falling and breaking apart
  • Falling behind my time table

Overall, I think my Passion Project turned out better than expected, which was pretty cool seeing that I was running out of time. I hope you decide to do a Passion Project sometime because they are a great deal of fun. Bye for now.


Passion Project; Week 6

Hello again,

If you remember, I told you in my week 4 blog post that the creating phase for the Passion Project is weeks 4 to 6. This is week 6 which means that it’s the last chance for the creation part of the Passion Project. Over the last 7 days I have achieved much more than in previous periods.

On Sunday, I spent more than three hours sewing a duvet cover. During the day I learnt many things whilst sewing;

  1. You have to be confident whilst sewing
  2. Never mess with two ladies (my mum and her colleague) who are thinking two different metrics, cm and mm.

The fabrics that I showed you in the last post turned into a duvet cover with a lot of hard work. Below, is the layout of what the front of my duvet cover looks like.

The back part of my duvet cover is just a plain sheet. I have also finished my Pin Board DIY and I have added ribbons to spice it up a bit, as well as finding some photos for my Frame DIY. I haven’t glued the frames together yet, but I will as soon as my Mum prints the photos. Below are some photos of me sewing and what I have achieved this week.

P.S. I also need to start thinking of a way to present my finished work and if you have any ideas, I would appreciate your comments.

Passion Project; Week 5

I have achieved so much this week! Firstly I’d like to say that I have painted my pin board, but ideally I still need to do one more coat.

I have found some photos to put in my photo frames. I have decided on a theme and based it on my holiday destinations.In one photo, I am riding an elephant in Thailand and in another, I am snow skiing in Les Gets, France. My dad still needs to print the photos and once these are printed, I can put them in the frames and glue the frames together in a shape of a cube.

I can’t wait until next Sunday. My mum and I are driving down to her work and we are meeting one of her colleagues, who is a seamstress and she is going to teach me how to sew the duvet cover and pillowcase.

Below are some photos of what I have achieved so far.

This is the flat sheet and the material that I am using for creating my duvet cover.

This is the finished product of how the Jar DIY turned out.

These are the photo frames I am using for my Frame DIY.

This is me cutting wood for my Pin Board DIY.

This is me painting the wood white.

This is me ironing the material for my duvet cover.


Passion Project; Week 4

Hey Reader’s,

Throughout the next three weeks(4-6) of this term I will be spending time creating, making, building, learning and understanding. I am writing this blog post to only cover week 4.

Recently I have finished buying all my supplies for the DIY’s and duvet cover, pillowcase. This week I have done one DIY, the Jar DIY. Throughout doing this DIY I found that I need to use better glue. The first time I tried gluing the jars together, it fell apart straight away. Then I tried again because I don’t give up too easily. This time it did work, only for a bit, then it fell apart again. Now I know that I need to get better glue to stick them together. That was one of my failures as it now just sits on my desk broken apart, waiting for better glue.

Apart from that I have been practicing sewing straight lines on the sewing machine, for the real product. Eventually, I will start sewing my new duvet cover and pillowcase. This week I am planning to finish my Jar DIY and then start on my duvet cover. I can’t wait!

I will send you the photos next time I write to you guys as it isn’t done yet.


Passion Project: Getting Started


Throughout the process of my Passion Project, I have been planning steps to start and then I have started buying items. Below is a table outlining the equipment/resources, information and people that I will need to complete this task.

DIY Equipment/resources Information People
  • 3 jars
  • Glue gun


  • Stationary
The jar DIY is going to be a stationary holder. My dad will be helping me by glueing the jars together
Frame DIY
  • 4 frames
  • Glue gun


  • Photos
The frame DIY is for me to present and show special memories in a good way. My mum and dad are going to help me.

Mum: Print (professional) photos.

Dad: Help glue the frames together.

Pin board DIY
  • Balsa wood
  • White paint
  • Bulldog clips
  • Glue gun


  • Photos
The pin board DIY is to hang up photos of special memories, friends and good times. I get to look at it all the time. My dad will be helping me cut wood( if I need to), paint the wood and glue gun the bulldog clips.
Sewing a duvet cover and pillowcase
  • Flat sheet
  • Printed fabric material
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric (pillowcase)
  • Buttons
I will be sewing a new duvet cover and pillowcase for my bed. The buttons will be the gap to where you need to insert the duvet. My mum and my mum’s work colleague who is a seamstress. She will be helping my sew the duvet cover and pillowcase as well as giving me tips. 

It might look like I haven’t achieved much so far but I have been doing quite a lot of planning. I have also bought most of the supplies I need. One of the difficulties I have faced is finding all the equipment to sew a duvet cover and pillowcase. I have a sewing machine, but not the fabric yet.

Passion Project

In year 6 each year, each student has the opportunity to complete an extended project for home learning. This project is called a Passion Project. The purpose of this task is to learn something new or something that you have always wanted to do, but as long as you are passionate about the subject area. Each week during the term we will record our progress by writing personal reflections on our blog.

My Passion Project is going to be based on a room decor. Throughout the process, I will be doing 3 DIY’s as well as sewing my own duvet cover and pillowcase. I have also created a timeline to see where I need to be up too. This is what I am doing and why I am doing them.


Jar DIY: A stationary holder

What I need:

  • Three jars
  • Glue gun

Pin board DIY: To hang up photos and special memories

What I need:

  • Balsa wood
  • Bulldog clips
  • White paint
  • Glue gun

Frame DIY: To present photos. E.g Special moments, inspirational quotes

What I need:

  • 4 frames
  • Glue Gun
  • Photos

Duvet cover and pillowcase: To sew a new duvet cover and pillowcase to spice up my room with my favourite colours and patterns.

What I need:

  • Flat sheet
  • Printed fabric material
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric (pillowcase)
  • Buttons


Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Week 1
Week 2 -Shop for duvet cover and DIY things -Start planning the start of the duvet cover
Week 3 -Duvet cover and pillow case -Paint wood for pin board -Hot glue bulldog clips -Rest day -Duvet cover and pillow case -Duvet cover and pillow case -Duvet cover and pillow case
Week 4 -Duvet cover and pillow case -Duvet cover and pillow case -Duvet cover and pillow case -Rest day -Duvet cover and pillow case -Duvet cover and pillow case -Duvet cover and pillow case
Week 5 -Rest day -Duvet cover and pillow case -Duvet cover and pillow case -Duvet cover and pillow case -Duvet cover and pillow case -Duvet cover and pillow case -Duvet cover and pillow case
Week 6 -Rest day -Final touches -Final touches

– Start iMovie

-iMovie -iMovie
Week 7 -Finish iMovie

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